Take a picture with your phone, get the leaf water potential.

Say goodbye to the pressure chamber.

Growers use Tule Vision to take pictures of their vines and get the midday leaf water potential. Think of Tule Vision as a low-cost replacement to the pressure chamber. Leaf water potential readings are reported in the Tule Vision mobile application and web application.


Check out some of these key advantages.

Less expensive than the pressure chamber.

A pressure chamber reading is time-consuming, but Tule Vision is quick and saves labor costs.

Easier to use than the pressure chamber.

An iPhone is lighter than the pressure chamber and does not require specialized training.

More readings than the pressure chamber.

The number of blocks where you can take leaf water potential readings is no longer limited by your pressure chamber inventory.

Less error prone than the pressure chamber.

Unlike pressure chamber readings, taking a Tule Vision reading is quick and easy.

Automatic and immediate reporting to the web.

Log into Tule Vision to see the latest leaf water potential readings and pictures.

The latest pictures of your vines.

In the Tule Vision web dashboard, you get both leaf water potential readings and pictures of your plants.

What Is Included In The Service?

  • Mobile App: A mobile application for taking recordings of vines and getting real-time leaf water potential readings.
  • Web App: A web application for viewing leaf water potential readings and vine pictures.
  • Unlimited Readings: Within each block that you enroll in Tule Vision, you can take as many readings as you would like.
  • Unlimited Users: There is no limit to the number of users in your organization who can use the mobile application and the web application.
  • Customer Support: You receive customer support by email and access to online training webinars.


You pay for Tule Vision by the acre with an annual subscription. When you sign up for more acres, your price per acre is lower.

Less than 50 acres $50 per acre per year.
50+ acres $30 per acre per year.
100+ acres Starting at $20 per acre per year.
Contact us for pricing.

Let’s get started!

Please select the plan that best describes your operation and your interests.

Annual subscription to Tule Vision
Less than 100 acres enrolled in Tule Vision
Pay by credit card
Annual subscription to Tule Vision
100 acres or more enrolled in Tule Vision
Pay by invoice
Annual Subscription to Tule sensor
FREE Tule Vision in blocks with Tule sensors
Pay by invoice

Tule Vision is free for blocks where you have a Tule sensor.

With Tule sensors, you receive field-scale Actual Evapotranspiration, water stress, applied irrigation and irrigation recommendations.