Your 24/7 Automated Irrigation Advisor

Actual ET: Powering Simple, Actionable and More Accurate Irrigation Decisions

Confidently Make Irrigation Decisions to Meet Your Production Goals

Tule provides site-specific irrigation recommendations based on your production goals, so you can efficiently make more accurate irrigation decisions about when and how much to irrigate.

Anticipate Yield and Quality Threats

Remotely monitoring crop water status daily allows you to anticipate production threats throughout the plant lifecycle before they affect your yield and quality.

Manage More Acres with Less Time and Labor

Field-scale measurements and status alerts allow you to efficiently manage more acres and direct your attention and resources to where they’re needed most.

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What's Cool: Vineyard Water Management From Tule

"Tule Technologies’ use of surface renewal is an exciting new application of a proven science. When applied to vineyards, it will tell you both the status of the vineyard and how much irrigation is required to meet your objectives. Also by monitoring vineyards 24/7, growers are able to trend conditions and forecast atmospheric demands..."

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California Drought Spurs Technology on the Farm

"Through its wire sensors, Tule quantifies how much water the plants actually use day to day by measuring the water they release as vapor. It has allowed Terlato to irrigate its vines with the amount they need when they need it, yielding higher-quality grapes and reducing water usage by 20% on those acres, [Terlato Wine Group Vice Chairman John Terlato] said. This year, Terlato is nearly tripling its Tule acreage..."

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Top 10 New Products for World Ag Expo

"San Francisco-based Tule received a 2016 World Ag Expo Top 10 New Product award for its FieldStat, which measures and monitors crops’ water stress and use. The readings from FieldStat are more comprehensive than pressure bomb readings..."


New Ag-Tech Startup Helps Farmers Analyze Water Use

"Enter Tule, a new business formed with the strength of UC Davis research behind it. With a sensor and monitoring system installed above the crop canopy (and tapped into the irrigation line), the company can accurately tell growers how much water their plants are using and even when and how much to apply..."


Remotely monitor crop water status

FieldStat is Tule’s metric for the crop water status throughout an irrigation management zone.

Site-specific irrigation recommendations

Based on your field’s Actual ET, crop water status, and soil water holding capacity.

Field-scale measurements

One sensor measures up to 10 acres - not just one point in the soil or just one plant.

Canopy development tracking

Ensure you are on track to meet your target maximum canopy for each field.

Measure applied irrigation

Get peace of mind that your irrigation orders were adequately applied.

Compare with Similar Fields

Supplement your expertise with insight into your neighbor’s performance.

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Happy Tule Customers

What Our Customers Say About Tule's Actual ET Monitoring:

We’re using surface renewal as an upgrade to the trusty pressure bomb, to monitor plant water status, but since surface renewal is an absolute rather than a relative measurement, we love being able to compare apples to apples between vineyards and seasons.
Steve Matthiasson
Winemaker, Matthiasson Wines
Any successful irrigation strategy must start with a reliable crop ET. In the past, that number has been hard to estimate at best. Using the actual crop ET measured by Tule, we have been able to implement a more efficient & effective irrigation strategy for your vineyards.
Doug Fletcher
VP of Winemaking, Terlato Wine Group
Tule stations give our operation the ability to remotely assess how our pistachios are responding to our irrigation schedules. The stations automate water records, actual crop water use, and recommended irrigation schedules on based on forecast ET and recent crop water use. During the recent drought, these stations have been valuable in providing information regarding how effectively we're applying water.
James Nichols
Farm Technology Manager, Nichols Farms
Tule’s ET probes allow us to correlate what we observe in the vineyard with actual water use. Consequently, we’ve been able to confirm irrigation decisions in real time and push the envelope of quality without sacrificing the long-term health of the vines.
Matt Crafton
Winemaker, Chateau Montelena Winery
Being able to look at actual water use in the vineyard instead of combining a variety of measurements and assumptions provided a whole new perspective about how our vines function. Having a system that is not so dependent on a very small sampling site gave me a lot of confidence in what I was seeing, and we were able to achieve great results while using less water more strategically.
Mike Wolf
Viticulturist, Michael Wolf Vineyard Services
With the Tule system, we’ll be able to accurately apply the amount of water the vineyard is actually using, rather than an amount based on assumptions from CIMIS data. It could be more or less than we’ve used in the past, but it will be the right amount.
Chris Storm
Vino Farms, Viticulturist

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