New Additions to the Irrigation Recommendation Table
author By Team Tule, May 13, 2018

This season, there are two new additions to the Next 7 Days Irrigation Recommendation table on the Tule dashboard. When you’re making your irrigation decisions, you can now quickly review how much you applied last year and what similar fields are applying.

    1.) Applied Last Year

    When making irrigation decisions, growers often tell us that they refer to the Tule recommendation as well as their own records of what they applied for the same week during the previous season. To streamline your efforts, both the amount and percent of Actual ET (ETa) that you applied last year is now provided within the Irrigation Table.

    Note: this information is only available if a Tule sensor was installed in the field during the previous year.

    2.) Similar Fields Over Last 7 Days

    With our extensive network of Tule sensors throughout the state, we are able to tap into the crowd-wisdom of other growers in your area and share it with you. We show you the number of similar fields in your area that have irrigated in the past 7 days, and the average amount they have applied. The average amount is calculated in units of inches. This amount is converted from inches to hours according to your field's irrigation system specifications. Hovering over the hours will display the average amount in inches or gallons per vine.

    Note: Similar fields are determined by crop type (including red versus white varietals for winegrapes), region, plant maturity, and soil water holding capacity. Click on the to view the characteristics of your similar fields.

To help you make informed irrigation decisions, Tule is now providing you with three key decision-making tools -- Tule’s irrigation recommendation (based on the current water use and water status of your field), the amount you applied last year to your field, and what similar fields in your area are applying.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can continue to improve, please let us know! Reach out to our team at